Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Candy Re-Draw

It has been a week and I still haven't heard from the original winner of the blog candy from the Canada Day Blog Hop :( Unfortunately the winner didn't leave a way of getting ahold of her so I had to hope she would come back to check out the winner on here. So I did another random draw and the new winner is Cheryl aka Nanascreativecorner over at
I will get ahold of her and hopefully I can get this prize sent off asap :))

Thanks again to those how entered!!!


  1. Congratulations Cheryl!! Lucky you!!

  2. Oh yes, this is such a treat. I'm not typically one to win but I was chosen for blog awards and won candy all in the same day, whew!!!!!!!! Thanks for the blog hop, it was tons of fun...... I replied to your message on fb.