Monday, July 12, 2010

Today Is My Lucky Day!!!!

Last night was my first night back to work after holidays so I was sleeping today ( I work midnights )when I got the call from my mom that I had won the blog candy from the picnic blog hop that went on this weekend over at so excited, I never win anything haha
On top of that I was also awarded the Trendy Blog Award and the Sunshine Award from both Momma K over at and Sarah at these ladies are very talented and I am honoured to have been thought of when they where choosing blogs to award. Make sure to check them out if you haven't already :)

With these awards I need to award 10 more blogs that have inspired me and that definitely are great at what they do. There are lots that I could think of but these are the ones I choose....


  1. Thanks so much, Amanda! I'm neck deep in papers and presentations right now, but I really do appreciate this. It's such a wonderful break from my studies to read that you have honoured me in this way. Thank you!!